Like Horses

  • 2 zoom productions in New York and 1 in Boone, NC

Two neighbors, one Black and one white, on their balconies. One has a gorgeous view and the other can barely see the sky. They live in the same building, but do they live in the same country?

2W (1 Black, 1 white), 30s-60s

Take it Back

  • coming in June 2021 to Astor Place, New York

Inspired by the republican campaign theme of “taking back” the country, this short play shows what happens when a former slave takes back the plantation.

M (white), 30s-70s; W (Black), 30s-50s

any gender (LatinX), any age

Note to Self

  • Winner, 2020 Itinerant Theatre “Life Inspired” series
  • Winner, 2019, The Ten Show, Season One, The Hive Collaborative

Zoe wants to jump and Jerry wants to stop her. Why would a healthy-looking young woman want to do such a thing? This play is a suicide-prevention tool.

W, teens-20s; M, 60s-90s

Doug DeVita, on the New Play Exchange, calls Note to Self  “a simply rendered yet beautifully complex ten-minute gem.”

Two Truths and a Lie

  • Finalist, 2020 B-Street Theatre Comedy Festival

Di really needs to stop living in her car. She takes on a night class in memoir at Mohawk Community College, hoping to land a full-time teaching job. Her mismatched students bring their own agendas to class: Samantha doodles instead of writing, when she isn’t high; George comes late; Bobbi talks too much; May barely says a word; and Eileen threatens to quit because Di is not the famous man who was supposed to teach. Everybody has histories to reveal. Some of them are even true. When violence claims one of the group, are stories enough to put things back together?

5 W, teens-90s; 1 M 30s-40s


Sheltered unfolds over a single day in Denver, combining choral interludes with the story of a strained mother-daughter relationship. Actors in the Chorus shift between identities including homeless women, police officers, and service providers. Martha, a volunteer at a shelter, must face her own anxieties about home and family, as she tries to help her addicted mother, Helen. She and the audience will learn that not everyone wants to go home.

Minimum 6 W, varied ages, ethnicities, gender identification. The play can be performed by a large group of a dozen actors or more.

The Liberation

Set against the background of anti-Semitic terrorist attacks in Paris, The Liberation asks how far women have come from the sexual double standards of the past. Marianne has lost her position as History Professor at a prestigious university, after a trumped up sex scandal, and has moved to Paris to reinvent herself. When she reconnects with her lover from graduate school, over twenty years ago, she will have to question who she is, what she has done, and where she wants to go.

W 50s, W 20s, M 50s M 20s

Immersive Theater

Letters Home, Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Off-Center and Denver Public Library

Short plays

  • The Wine Snob
  • The Man Who Wanted Art
  • Calypso
  • Beginning with S
  • Other People’s Stories

Radio and Zoom Plays

  • Hominglisten
  • Far Enough (One-Minute Play Festival Coronavirus Plays)